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  • Investing for the future

    Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

    When we talk about investments, so many choices are available particularly for people who dream of being wealthy and enjoying financial freedom in the coming years. We know that most investors consider solid assets, such as land and stocks, as investment products. They also buy precious metals such as gold and silver as liquid assets. […]

    On business and investment opportunities

    Saturday, July 14th, 2012

    Have you ever thought of having your own business and being successful with it? I know some people who are so excited about starting a new venture, and I’ve also talked to some who are apprehensive, even afraid, to invest in a business. I surmise it’s not a question of having funds for the start-up, […]

    Business plans

    Thursday, January 14th, 2010

    Have you got any business plans for this new year? I know most entrepreneur-minded people out there are already inspired to start another business and busy devising some marketing plan at the start of the year. As they say, it’s good to build a business or a new venture when the year’s just begun, with […]

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