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    What’s your favorite hobby?

    By carmel | April 19, 2017

    When I was in high school, socializing was very much done with tangible things like having a “slum book” or autograph where each page would be dedicated to one person and everything about him/her. There was a space for photo, a list of likes and dislikes, favorite songs, aside from the basic biodata. Well, it’s like filling up a job application for a friend. One of the questions asked is “what are your hobbies?” or something like that, a question about one’s leisure-time activities.

    For me, it was not a problem writing about my hobbies, and especially I would easily include playing the guitar. It was really one of my fave things to do to relax, and I could play for hours when I was a kid. I was not even an expert with the guitar, and I just play our simple acoustic guitar at home, not really as advanced as the starcaster at guitarcenter.com though. Oftentimes, I would jam with my bro or my sis would sing while I play. How about you, what’s your favorite hobby?

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