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    Teaching kids about music

    By carmel | March 22, 2016

    Kids and babies are easily drawn to music. This is what I’ve observed after babysitting my nephews and nieces many times in the past. They can easily sing or dance along (in their own funny and cute way) to a catchy tune or beat. They also sleep easily when you hum a lullaby to them. One of my baby nieces would even respond emotionally and cry to sad songs. As they grew up, they also had their kiddie favorites, whether silly nursery rhymes or simple melodies taught from school or praise and worship songs.

    Children also tend to be interested in musical instruments, but I guess it takes more than interest to really let them learn how to play one. Getting them to be enrolled in a music class is the usual option especially if the parents are not musically inclined themselves or don’t have the time for music lessons with them. A kid with exceptional talent with the guitar could easily move on from the basic acoustic type to a 12-string Taylor 700 series or even try other advanced guitar types, shapes and sizes.

    A lot of discipline is really needed for a child to learn how to play the piano or guitar. Curiosity could be a starting point, but oftentimes, if the child loses interest (as there are so many distractions around) then the music lessons become a torture for them. I remember taking my then 5-year old nephew to his piano class and he was not enthusiastic about it. If the child is naturally talented, and enjoys learning and developing his/her talent, then it’s a win-win situation for both the child and the parents.

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