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    Music-listening pleasure

    By carmel | February 1, 2016

    How nice it is to listen to songs that are played with authenticity, i.e. notes are sung in tune, the blend of voices are in sync, the lyrics are not messed up and the backup instruments are well-timed with skilled hands. Whether one is playing in front of a million adoring fans or a small group of listeners in an intimate wedding event, it always takes a lot of hard work and preparation to bring out a sound that is pleasing to the ears. After all, who would want to hear a chaotic version of any song, especially if it’s a fave one? That would be torture to the eardrums, right?

    Other than having great singers on the set, it also is a must to get your instruments properly tuned. Even if the group owns the most updated gear – Pearl drum set, percussion, akai midi controller, Yamaha synthesizers, microphones and speakers – the accompanying instruments and gear should be primed with the right tuning and mixing.

    For the singers and the band, being enthusiastic and passionate about what they do is an essential part of the overall sound produced for the audience. For instance, we really enjoyed the final hymn sung by the chapel choir one time we attended the Sunday Mass. The music was so catchy and the acoustic guitar backup was skilfully played, the result was such a lively song that translated to high spirited worship that remained in our joyful hearts as we left the chapel.

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