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    Dreaming of a White Christmas

    By carmel | February 21, 2015

    Wow! What a delight to see my weather app showing 25 degrees Celsius temperature outside. The sun is up and shining but the weather is cool. I hereby declare today as my favorite weekday. LOL. My big sis in Finland may not be joining me in my merriment though as they are experiencing winter over there, snow-covered rooftops and streets, and fireplaces/heaters full blast inside.

    Christmas may be over in northern Europe but the cold weather is still around. Last December, my siblings from Europe visited us for the holidays and for a special grand family occasion. So that gave them a bit of time away from the cold.

    We know most Europeans travel to the tropics during winter to take a break from the winter spell. I also know some Asians who would love to experience snow for the first time, maybe after seeing such cutie snow babies from this site. Heh. My mom is one of those dreaming of experiencing a White Christmas, despite my discouraging her from all the discomforts of winter. I told her about what I have been through before (when I had my training for Siemens in Italy and Germany many years ago) and I must say, it’s best to visit Europe in summer when everything is in bloom and no snow to trod on, no heavy jackets and boots to wear outside. But she’s not a bit affected with my ‘warnings’, hehe… I hope her fairy godmother will make her snowy Christmas dream come true soon.

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