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    Music by the bridge

    By carmel | November 21, 2014

    Roaming the streets of Prague, Milan, Pori and other European cities can be such a musical treat for tourists. For instance, the Charles Bridge in Prague offers a lot of entertaining distractions to those who walk on by. While we were on our way to the other side, we passed by some group of musicians playing all sorts of instruments, and on one side, another lone old bearded guy with a viola. I wonder how they are now, and if they have moved on to more lucrative activities. Maybe by now one of them have already upgraded to having more instruments, a new Korg synthesizer or Fender nashville telecaster perhaps?

    These talented street artists and musicians provide entertainment for the passers-by, making them stop for a while, and oftentimes make them forget they have other appointments to attend or errands to do! The streets are livelier with them, and an easy atmosphere of fun and relaxation is created in contrast to the usual busyness of city life.

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