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    A happy people indeed!

    By RPG | December 18, 2013

    Filipinos are inherent music lovers; it seems music is in their bones since birth! Walk along the streets for a while in any part of the Philippines (where there are communities of course), and you’ll see that at almost any corner, or wherever, there are songs in the air, either sung live (with or without guitar) or being played in radios, or in whatever musical instrument there is.

    It may just be cheap live sound equipment, but music there is. Even children, who are playing, include music in whatever they do. Indeed, Filipinos are a happy people and a musical one at that! Live bands, even in areas which one may consider depressed, are loud and clear, proving that a people may be lacking in material things, but this cannot depress their lively and happy spirit, nor dampen their cheerful disposition!

    Not even that horrible typhoon Yolanda could kill nor diminish this joyful nature! BUT (the big BUT!), for now of course in the stricken areas, their musical instruments are gone, they can only sing with their bare voices. Praise the Lord for that!

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