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    What makes your day a productive one?

    By carmel | February 25, 2013

    I’m sure a lot of folks are glad today is a holiday. At least, their weekend is stretched one day more for relaxation and rest. The first day of the week is what most folks would call a “Manic Monday” and is expected to be the busiest day of the week.

    As somebody who works at home though, I cannot relate totally with those who dread facing Monday, because of my flexible working hours. Sometimes, I rest on Mondays while those in the corporate world are buzzing about, and oftentimes, my weekends are spent at work while everybody’s on party mode.

    It’s still some sort of holiday for me today however and not a bit of time was spent on some overdue tasks; instead I loaded two batches of laundry, did some household chores and baked a deep dark moist chocolate cake for a friend’s birthday. The rest of the day was spent at our weekly prayer meeting and the birthday party afterwards.

    Yup, I chose to spend time for baking instead of working because a birthday only comes once a year and I know my friend would be glad to have something special for his day. He and his wife were happy indeed when I surprised them with the cake as they didn’t have any for the birthday dinner. The homemade cake was just a simple gift from our family, though not as beautiful as a designer ring or as cool as the latest gadget, but still it was heartily given and definitely a labor of love, and of course it’s yummy!

    The dinner was hosted in their small house, together with few friends from our community. What a blessing to witness such warmth and camaraderie as we shared ideas, stories and jokes after such a hearty meal.

    Living life to the fullest doesn’t mean having a lot of work done in a day. Quality time spent with friends and loved ones make life more meaningful and well-lived. Life is all about balance. Today, I know I have chosen well, and I consider my day a productive one.

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