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    Having well-behaved and obedient kids

    By DGH | September 11, 2012

    Last weekend, my mom and sis had the privilege of being invited in Tagaytay for an overnight stay and day tour courtesy of a family based in Cavite. It was not a planned trip, but when the invitation came, they grabbed the chance. Yeah, I know these ladies are pretty much excited when it comes to travel and going places!

    During their stay in their hosts’ home, they observed that the two kids, about 11 yo and 5 yo, are well-behaved and obedient to their parents. They help their mom in the kitchen and in cleaning up the house. They are no spoiled brats; they behaved pretty much like they’ve undergone one of those Teen Summer Programs geared for being responsible kids.

    I have seen other families with kids that are rowdy and uncontrollable by their parents. They look like they were very much spoiled by their dad and mom, which is a sad thing because these kinds of children grow up to be irresponsible individuals who lack self-discipline. I know disciplining a child takes extra effort, time and patience; it is not easy, but the results are so much worth it. Having well-behaved and obedient kids don’t come handed down in a silver platter; parents are mainly responsible for their kids’ behaviour, and not blame it entirely on the teachers or their peers.

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