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    Adopting a new business system

    By DGH | August 3, 2012

    You’ve probably heard of companies getting new nifty business software that would help automate things but turned out that the learning process took more time than expected and the employees were less productive in the process. Employees had to attend long lectures and training just to learn the ropes. Oh well, that’s usually what happens when a new business system has to be adopted by a company. It sure is a needed investment in the long run but sometimes productivity is affected more than necessary.

    Customer relationship management (CRM) applications are no exception to this, most of these software could be so complicated and hard to implement. According to studies, most of the features in CRM software applications are not really used and are not applicable. So a company should always choose a CRM package that meets the needs of sales automation and sales management without the hassles of a complicated and confusing system that requires a sharp learning process.

    Businesses should purchase a CRM package that streamlines the sales process and have the entire system fully operational within days, a system that does most of the job so the team can focus more on doing sales rather than managing the CRM software. It also helps to look for a package that allows team leaders customization of specific features that are only needed by the sales team thus giving them less stuff to learn. When evaluating CRM packages before purchasing, it is best to take advantage of trial offers. These are usually full-featured packages functional within a limited time, enabling potential clients to evaluate how the software can address their company’s concerns.

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