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    Golden wedding anniversary

    By DGH | June 2, 2012

    My parents will be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary on 2014. It’s quite a big event that we’re looking forward to and we’ve been dreaming about, especially where to celebrate it, if possible in Thailand. LOL. Originally, we planned to travel to Europe for their anniversary but since it’s in December, it won’t be nice and comfy to have it during the cold winter season. Anyway, these are just some wishful thinking and dreaming, but we really like to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary in a special way.

    How about you? When is your parents’ wedding anniversary? Have you thought about unique gifts for them, gourmet chocolates, cakes and goodies, such as shari’s berries for your parents anniversary or maybe a dream vacation? Whatever gift you decide though, just make sure it’s something they’d be happy about. Some folks have different tastes and likes. For instance, my aunt dislikes very much to travel, so I’m pretty sure that a holiday trip somewhere won’t excite her that much.

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