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    Got sleep problems?

    By DGH | May 12, 2012

    There are times when I have difficulty sleeping even when I am already very tired and sleepy. Hubby said, I might be thinking a lot of things or I am bothered about something. Maybe there’s some truth to it coz I noticed that after busy days loaded with activites, at night I would lie awake for long thinking about the day’s events.

    But for others who have sleeping difficulties, it might be because of a different problem. One way is to check the cushions and pillows you’re using if they’re comfortable enough and provides the maximum support. Sometimes, wrong pillows used for sleeping can badly affect our sleep.

    Don’t also eat much right before bedtime! Arghhhh! It’s past 11 at night, and I just ate a bowl of noodles. I have to wait till the food is digested before I can hit the sack!

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