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    Short vacation is on its way

    By DGH | April 22, 2012

    Yehey! Our vacation to PH  is nearing! How I wish it would be as long as my usual vacation there, three months, but now it will just be three short weeks! If I’d explain even before your asking, it’s because before, I would stay behind, with my hubby going ahead of me as he could not stay any longer, his office would not allow him ! One time, I traveled with Caity but she was a baby, who most of the time would just sleep.  Now, they are two, and I would not like to experience the inconvenience I had during my last coming home with the two of them.  I’ll then have to travel with hubby with the two kids.

    My mind can’t be kept from imagining, with many questions one of which is: Would they have enough cabinets for the extra four of us? Ah I don’t mind even if it will just be a rolling rack, most especially for the children.  With two kids, and lots of toys, we’ll need a place for our stuff, even if we’ll stay there for 3 weeks only.

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