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    Into blogging

    By DGH | February 9, 2012

    Blogging sure is the way to go these days.  Most of the people I know have their own sites where they share their everyday lives, thoughts or their hobbies.  Two of my cousins (they’re siblings actually) are also into blogging.  The elder one is into fitness and sports, so it was natural for her to have a blog tackling fitness and health.  The younger one is into music, in fact he used to play in a band during his bachelor days.  He plays the electric guitar and would probably flip when he sees this Ibanez sa260fm Electric Guitar (which got great reviews from its users!).  So guess what’s his blog’s niche?  You’re right, it’s all about music especially guitars!

    Its nice to be exposed to that side of theirs which you don’t normally hear them talking about.  And when you’re distance away from each other, blogs serve as a bridge to connect the gap.

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