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    Working to provide for the family

    By DGH | October 8, 2011

    Working abroad can really bring about homesickness especially if you have kids left back home. Also not having much friends in the country you’re staying can add to that sad situation. That’s the situation this girl I’m hopefully meeting next weekend has. She’s working here in Praha, away from her husband and little daughter so she can provide them a good future.

    There are many Filipinos also working here in big international companies like DHL, IBM and Wistron. Then there’s also a good number working as factory workers even when the pay isn’t that much. Whatever jobs they can find, even Technical Recruiter Jobs, I’m sure they will accept as long as they have work instead of just staying back home unemployed. They claim that its difficult to find jobs in our country, that’s why they’d rather work abroad and endure homesickness just to be able to earn. That’s the sad truth.

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