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    Getting married for the wrong reasons

    By DGH | October 6, 2011

    I got a disturbing news recently about a family member who’s getting married. Why the sudden rush? The guy is still young (also the wife-to-be) and the wedding is gonna take place in less than 2 months. Hohum… there’s a mystery to that. Oh well, okay I’ll spill the beans.  The girl is pregnant. And they’re planning a church wedding which is really not appropriate coz the guy isn’t a believer! In fact, he is very vocal about his agnostic beliefs. Getting married in the church? What for?Just because of the baby?

    Anyway, I’m sure they’re all busy with the preparations, choosing location for the ceremony itself, the reception, looking into different kinds of wedding rings such as artcarved wedding bands, wedding clothes, and all that stuff. With all these hullaballoo, its easy to forget about the importance of getting married and get caught in the whirlwind of preparations.  I hope these kids get the time to really reflect about the purpose of marriage, and get proper advice before they plunged into a lifetime commitment and realize their mistake a little too late.

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