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    RFID blocking products

    By DGH | September 30, 2011

    Credit cards fraud are on the rise especially with the popularity of online shopping. If thieves can’t physically steal cards, they can however steal or manage to get your card’s information and use it to purchase goods online. What’s more scary is that with rfid credit cards,  important information such as account number and expiration date are emitted through radio waves making it possible for criminals to skim information (with the use of a gadget) by simply passing by your wallet or bag.  How do you prevent thieves from skimming your credit card information even when you think its safely hidden inside your wallet or bag?  Using Identity Stronghold RFID blocking products, you can prevent electronic pickpocketing, identity theft and payment fraud coz it blocks the radio waves sent not just from your credit cards but other important documents as well such as passport and other ID cards.  Well, oh well!

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