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    Laptops, tablets, what’s next?

    By DGH | September 22, 2011

    When was the last time I searched for the latest laptops? It’s been ages! I am not really interested in getting a new one as my desktop PC at home is doing fine. But for travels, it’s good to bring a laptop coz its light and convenient. I’ve heard that tablets are getting more popular than laptops. With their smaller, lighter frame and ease of usage, more people are considering using tablets. But if you do a lot of typing, and would want to use it for work, it has its disadvantages too coz it has no keyboards and no trackpad. Also your storage capacity is limited with tablets.

    I still think laptop is best, but for entertainment purposes especially for kids, a tablet would be nice too. But I’d rather have my kids explore outside, than stay stuck with tablets and computers.

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