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    GPS for road trips

    By DGH | August 20, 2011

    Hubby recently bought a new GPS coz the one that’s integrated in his phone is acting up. It failed us when we were on a trip to Helsinki, and we got a bit of trouble looking for the places we want to go to. I thought that it would have been better if he bought a new phone with GPS rather than buying a separate one, but he thinks otherwise.  I am not really good with gadgets, so I trust his decision.

    We plan to go this weekend to a town by the lake in Austria, which will give us the opportunity to try his new toy. I hope it will be good, so its worth the money spent. I am already excited for our road trip!  Hubby also uses his motorbike to work when the weather is nice, he can have motorcycle gps garmin but his motorbike is used only for short distances and familiar routes like when he goes to office, to nearby stores or for a quick errand which doesn’t really need GPS.  Or if he wants to venture to new places with his bike, he can always make use of his new GPS.

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