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    to buy or not to buy?

    By DGH | March 6, 2011

    So we’d probably buy or not buy a new car. I don’t know. Hubby said that our car is still working, and its a waste of money to get a new one. If ever we do get a car, I think a used one would do. That’s practical enough. I’ve read a countless times on tips to save money with buying second hand cars a wise choice coz new cars immediately loses 65% of its value as soon as you drive it out from the store. Well, I am not so sure if its exactly 65% but it goes something like that.

    Anyway, along with choosing a car comes picking the best insurance too. If you’re hunting for the cheapest car insurance, you can give estatecarinsure.com a try. Who knows, the best deal is in this site! Go get ’em!

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