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    not hard to please

    By DGH | January 23, 2011

    When we spend our vacation in our country, we see to it that we buy gifts for our loved ones back home. We call these gifts “pasalubong”, something to make them happy upon our arrival, a looked-forward Filipino culture.

    It’s sometimes difficult to go around shopping in malls and department stores, trying to find things that fit the person to whom we give a certain gift, with the thought of choosing something to please them. But there is one person who does not require us to stay long at the men’s clothing department to choose what to give him, as he is not fussy about what he wears, and he’s my dad. Surely, he’s not hard to please! Anyway, if he does not like what we buy for him, he just will not wear it; there’s no complaining, you don’t hear a word, hehehe

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