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    Wishful thinking!

    By DGH | July 15, 2010

    Yeah, I’m still deep into my preparation for our most-awaited trip back to my much-missed home country, and I can’t help but notice how I’ve “filled in” since I have last gone home. Naturally, as I have to go through the clothes I have to bring with me, and this means I have to include only the ones that fit me. I have then to plan how to be back to my previous figure, as I don’t want everybody back home to comment that I’ve “bloated”, though in a sense it’s true!

    I’m sure there are many others like me who would want an instant weight loss result. Well, I bet they’re choosing over a lot of diet and weight loss options, reading apidexin reviews or asking recommendations from friends and even licensed physicians or trainors. As for me, maybe I could just do exercise? Hmmm… Wishful thinking again! Tee hee.

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