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    i need to backup!

    By DGH | May 1, 2010

    Digital cameras are great travel companions, right? One can just click away at anything interesting when going outdoors. And especially now that spring is here…I just want to capture the season with my cam. Good thing, I can take as many photos as I can without worrying about wasting film, I can just delete the bad shots later on my hard disk. Everyday though, the photos and videos keep piling up in my computer. And for me, they’re as precious as any of those financial documents. I’m thinking of creating some DVD backups incase the inevitable happens.

    For those who have loads of files in their computers, I’m sure they’d also want to keep copies. According to a survey, 1 out of 10 computer hard drives fail each year. That means a lot of data loss, whether it’s your favorite digital photos or important company documents. The usual backup would be hard copies either on another hard drive or on a CD/DVD disc. Another good alternative is getting an online backup service. Users install the online backup program that runs in the background while they’re working. This program automatically detects file changes and stores an online backup. The users can retrieve a copy in case something happens to his files on the computer.

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