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    The art of selling

    By DGH | March 8, 2010

    How do you make a sale if your prospect is the cynical type who’d readily make some negative comments about your product? I’ve no sales training or background, but I once joined a company selling high end products and the usual challenge I met would be prospects telling me that they don’t need the product I’m offering. Oh well, I did get a lot of rejections but it was worth it as I learned so much and I became more open to listening to others especially their ideas and goals in life. I also got some of my friends to buy the product and they too became my business associates.

    What I’ve learned about selling is to believe in yourself and in your product. As our mentor tells us, you are not just selling the product, you are mainly selling yourself. If you are positive about what you represent and confident about yourself, your prospect will sense that and you gain their trust. Selling is an art and whether you’re selling some mid-rise condominium properties near the mall or offering term life at WholesaleInsurance.net, it’s essential to be creative and honest in your approach so your prospects would feel your sincerity and won’t feel like you’re just after their business.

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