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    men talk

    By DGH | February 21, 2010

    What do men usually talk about when they group together? As a lady, I would oftentimes wonder about this, but sometimes I get the idea when hubby tells me about their conversations in the office or when he meets with his beer buddies.

    While a group of ladies usually talk about relationships, family matters, and even politics, they would also include their personal interests and hobbies or whatever project it is they’re currently undertaking. Nope, women don’t only talk about the latest bags, shoes or fashionable items or trivial issues.

    How is it with men? Basically their conversations are the same with the ladies, they only differ in their areas of interests, thus while the ladies prefer gabbing about comparing shoe brands, the guys could be talking about the latest football news or debating whether extenz is good for them or not. And who says guys don’t gossip? I’ve actually heard a guy telling his buddies about the love affairs of one of their friends, in a reporter-like fashion. Yup, he’s just too talkative for a guy.

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