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    the cost of raising a baby

    By DGH | January 22, 2010

    The past days I have been washing and preparing the clothes for our upcoming baby. I also made an inventory of the stuff he already has and what he still needs. I got quite a lot of baby clothes from my mother-in-law for Christmas and friends during the baby shower which lessened the items we have to spend for. My sister also gave socks and shoes. I am glad that we don’t need to buy the major essentials like crib, car seat and stroller anymore because he can still use what his big sis had before.

    But after I listed down all the things we have at hand, I realized that we still lack more. It will still be winter season when our baby boy pops out, so he will need coats, sweaters, overalls and other stuff to keep him warm. It’s really expensive to be living in a country with four seasons coz parents have to buy clothes for the kids every season.

    Aside from the clothes, diapers and baby cosmetics can also be a big expense! When I give birth to my daughter, the hospital gave us a gift pack with discount cards and cosmetics. Our little girl wasn’t able to use all of them because some weren’t really essential for everyday use. I notice that some of the baby products are still standing there in our bathroom cabinet along with my acne scar removal and cosmetics.   I have to check their expiration date and throw the ones which are already overdue.

    The last expense that eats much of parents’ money is the formula milk.  But since I plan to breastfeed my baby, I don’t worry about it.  I have breastfed my eldest child for 18 months which saved us a lot of money considering how expensive baby’s milk is.

    It’s a good thing there is a financial support from the CZ government for mothers from the child’s birth until it turns 3 years old.  It will cover the expenses for the baby’s needs.  At least we don’t have to worry where to get money for it.

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