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    The influence of parents goes a long way

    By RPG | July 9, 2015

    Parents who are music lovers would want to influence their children to be inclined to music as well. Or even without conscious effort on the part of the parents anyway, they absorb so to say, the love for music which their parents have.

    A child as a toddler can play with a toy ukulele (a gift of his parents of course) as a first musical experience for him – to be just familiar with a thing related to music. Some households have a family piano with which the child even at a young age learns how to play. Later when he grows older, he will find himself going around the displays at musciansfriend to look for a musical instrument of his own choice for sure. Usually, it’s a guitar as a first prized possession for him. The keyboards could be the next target, until he finds himself to own most of the musical instruments like drums & percussion, amplifiers & effects, brass instruments, concert percussion, orchestral strings, and their various accessories! Would that not be heaven for the music lover if he has all these things?

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