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    Encourage your children with music

    By carmel | May 22, 2015

    The little ones are easily influenced by the sound of music. They readily react to mommy’s soft voice singing a lullaby, or a catchy and playful nursery rhyme, or the enchanting sound of classical music. So many types of music can be used to motivate babies and kids. According to the experts in child psychology, the baby’s brain can be stimulated by classical music even in the mother’s womb, with the possibility of making him/her grow up as gifted and intelligent individual.

    Music is also helpful in motivating the young ones. They can start early with simple instruments, a piano or guitar, or any musical instrument of their choice. Pretty soon, they will progress on to learning the trumpet and playing varied sounds with a woodwind mute, or some can get really creative with different tones and beats as they master the keyboard synthesizers.

    Parents who enroll their kids in music school know that their little ones learn not just about playing musical instruments or reading notes, but more so, they are encouraged to comply with the lessons and play in harmony with their peers. Such a creative venue is great for their imaginative minds while providing a disciplined environment for learning musical skills.

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