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    Summer fashion

    By carmel | April 25, 2015

    Summer is definitely here! No wonder, on a recent stroll at a mall, I’ve noticed more bright colors and floral prints for most clothing and accessories on display. It’s not just the heat that’s letting us know the season for sky, sea and sand is now. Who would want to wear dark colors outdoors on a hot sunny day, anyway? Light-colored tops and dresses are in nowadays.

    For the fashion-conscious, this means a change of wardrobe, with more summer-themed clothes and accessories. The health-conscious can still be fashionable when they wear their therapeutic copper bracelets. One can find a lot of chic and trendy magnetic healing bracelets here in a wide range of designs to choose from. It’s just a matter of choosing which stylish accessories will match your outfit.

    It is also best to wear comfortable clothing these days especially when staying outdoors. The trick is to stay cool, comfy and stylish for summer.

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