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    Going high tech for your printing needs

    By RPG | March 10, 2014

    High technology truly offers much challenge to all people, be they doctors, or engineers, or lawyers, or businessmen, or anyone of any occupation or trade. They have their own fast development in their respective fields.
    Those who are in the printing business are not exempted. Before when there was no internet yet, manual printing was the common way resorted to in the making of streamers, posters, whatever. As for letterheads, usually we go to the printing press to do them for us. Now however, online letterhead printing is possible to make it easy for us.

    As in all things, some are happy, but some are also sad. I’m sure the owners of printing presses belong to the latter, as their businesses will be much affected. They will have lesser customers as the others who are computer-literate will now be able to go direct to their lap-tops or pc’s for their letterhead needs.

    However, rejoice printing press owners as the fact is, there are not many who are this high-tech. The majority is still behind in this technology race, and many are still trying to cope up.

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