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    “If there’s a will….”

    By RPG | December 30, 2013

    Our eldest son, during his college days, was part of a band which he and some of his classmates initiated. It was just for fun, and as a venue to air out their music-loving spirits. I suppose the instrument/guitar which each of them used, was owned by the individual player, but one kind of a guitar ampli, that they wanted to own was at first not affordable for the group, but as they really tried to find ways, their efforts were later on rewarded.

    The said audio equipment could have been like one of those pricey high quality budda amplifiers which one needed to put in a considerable amount of investment. But guess what they did? They spent time practicing until they improved on their performance. Then later, when they would get invited to play on special occasions like wedding or birthday celebrations, and given money as a token of gratitude, they would pool these together until they had enough to buy their dream guitar amplifier. Indeed, if there’s a will, one can surely find a way.

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