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    Our sugar land

    By carmel | November 30, 2013

    Negros Occidental, the province where we are, is a sugar land. Every day, you can see trucks loaded with sugar cane to be brought to the sugar mills to be milled with the end of making sugar out of it.

    We then have many hacienderos, owners of large tracts of land planted with sugar. There are some of them, who have other businesses such as construction, and they utilize the flatbed trailer, which is usually used in transporting their heavy equipments, in the delivery of sugar to the mills. This helps in maximizing the utility of such an expensive equipment which they already have. This is better than just having it idle for days when there is no scheduled trip for it. When in business, it is in order to minimize costs, and all necessary moves should be made when there is a possibility for this.

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