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    No more sound?

    By carmel | August 26, 2013

    If you are a musician or sound technician, I bet you’ve already experienced some performance bloopers at least once, right? Even if one is careful with preparing for a concert or live show, there will always be some of those “duh” moments when one of the speakers won’t sound off or the amps go noisy. What happened during one of our community meetings was just one of those frustrating moments; smoke came out from the amplifier and it went off afterwards.

    Our choir leader who owned the amp was a bit irritated. Of course who wouldn’t? I know it was a huge investment on his part when he purchased the amp for our community meetings. Thankfully, days later I asked him about the broken amp and he was happy to tell me that it’s doing okay now. I’m not sure if his amp is still covered by warranty though. I know most amplifiers carry at least one-year warranty period. Whether it’s a brand new Gibson or a set of king brass instruments, musicians and technicians should be aware of checking out the warranty of musical instruments and sound equipment when buying new one.

    Caring for the sound equipment is also important. Our choir leader theorized that his amp could have gotten wet during transport from his place to another venue. One group borrowed it for their big event and there was a heavy downpour which could have caused some rainwater to come inside and damaged some circuit parts. Well, at least his amp is functioning well again, and I’m pretty sure he will be more careful next time about letting others borrow it.

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