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    Business expansion for small companies

    By carmel | August 25, 2013

    One time our family had an online chat conference (thanks to Yahoo! Messenger) about business matters. We were discussing about the possibility of expanding the business in other provinces. The problem was that we lack some people to help us with office work especially the accounting and recording of purchases and delivery. While it was a must for us to hire somebody for that, we were also aware that we had to get a person who’s not only qualified but somebody whom we can trust.

    For small developing businesses, hiring permanent employees is often not practical. There would be times when they won’t have some tasks to handle, especially those days when there are no shipments and purchases. What I did that time, however, was to tone down a bit of my work and focus more on our family business, until a system was set up and hopefully get more customers to keep our business going. That would be the time when we will hire permanent employees then. But during those times, it was just our family doing hands-on.

    For businesses that operate on a project basis such as events coordinators and contractors, there is the need to hire employees temporarily. Most small companies rely on getting loans for business whenever there are big projects that come up requiring operational expenses especially contractual employees. This is where companies such as temporary placement agencies come in. They provide skilled and qualified persons to help businesses meet project deadlines, fill in a temporary job that needs special skills or meet customer demands during peak business operations.

    Employers can post job openings through placement agencies to get the candidates they need, while job seekers can browse through their site to check on available job opportunities which are varied, from education to information technology, engineering, financial or medical support jobs. This is an alternative career path for those who prefer a more flexible work schedule.

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