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    Safety travel tips

    By carmel | July 22, 2013

    News about tourists being robbed comes as no surprise nowadays. There will always be bad guys and crooks to steal one’s pocket (and fun) on a holiday trip. Thus, it is a must to be alert and careful when traveling, especially for ladies who appear more vulnerable to strangers.

    Here are some practical safety travel tips to remember when visiting a new place:

    1. Always be alert and observant of your surroundings. Enjoy the view and be enthralled by the sights but be wary of others around you.

    2. Stay away from suspicious persons and places. Avoid being too friendly with strangers. It’s better to be safe than sorry, even if your curiosity urges you to wander alone in an unfamiliar district, don’t give in, and stay within safe territory.

    3. Dress simply. Wear comfy travel wear and don’t try to catch attention with your dress and accessories. Don’t flash your designer bag or shoes. Even a simple sterling silver necklace can catch a bad guy’s attention. If possible wear something that makes you blend with the crowd, unless you will be going to an evening affair and safely tucked in a car to take you to the event.

    4. Bring safety and protective gear and tools. Handy flashlights and personal alarm gadgets are just some of these items that can be of big help during emergencies.

    Being well-prepared and informed before travel makes one more confident even on a solo trip. The safety tips above are just some of the basics that every traveler should know by heart.

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