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    Songwriter/composer wannabe

    By carmel | June 23, 2013

    I’m not a composer or writer of songs, although I wish I know how. Sometimes I would wake up with some unfamiliar tunes running in my mind. They’re quite catchy songs but unique in a sense that I haven’t heard them before.

    Too bad, these melodies in my head disappear so fast as my consciousness comes in when I wake up. If I could have captured the right notes to these songs, maybe I’d have a hit song now. LOL. Problem is, I haven’t studied music and am clueless about reading musical notes.

    How nice it would have been to be a songwriter and easily write the notes for these unique songs and improve on them further with the many advanced sound equipment and tools nowadays, and maybe go into home recording with the new Apogee Quartet. Awww… it’s just wishful thinking, right?

    Anyway, I’m just happy for the musically-inclined and those who have studied music as they have more innovative tools these days to enhance their creative juices and produce better songs to entertain and inspire us.

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