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    On doing technical product research

    By carmel | May 20, 2013

    I used to work for a telecommunications firm before and I could say that I had a great time with my job as a quality control engineer and preparing our company’s technical standards. Aside from doing site inspection and checking on field equipment and installation, I also spent a lot of time in the office doing product research. I had to keep up with the latest standards and practices in the field of telecommunications. It’s quite a challenge to do research when it comes to technological advancement.

    It’s also good to do research on the Internet especially the websites of manufacturers and suppliers. For instance, online suppliers of industrial products such as destaco band clamps and all sorts of tools, knobs, fasteners, chain systems, and more, provide technical specifications in the product page. Most of these online product suppliers also have a knowledge base section packed with technical notes as well as detailed product catalogue. Some include informative articles such as application notes, value added specification, and glossary of related terms. These articles serve as reference for their clients who are interested in their products’ technical specifications.

    Regarding my research work, I consider our product suppliers as a big help as they keep us informed of the latest trends and provided seminars for our engineers as well as letting us visit their production plant. Some product suppliers would also provide detailed technical documents and other relevant articles which were really useful in my research work.

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