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    Music or noise?

    By carmel | April 1, 2013

    Our neighbors are so fond of playing their favorite songs with the speakers blasting out loud. I’m sure it’s not meant for their ears only, but for everybody to listen to their taste of music. Otherwise, the volume could have been just enough for them to have it within the interiors of their homes. Oh well, if it could have been my faves, I wouldn’t mind. So yes, I do consider the sound coming from them as noise! HMP.

    We’re more fortunate though because these noise-producing neighbors don’t always do it regularly. Unfortunately, in another part of our subdivision, one family cannot have their dose of peaceful evenings as their neighbor’s business is a videoke house, with operating hours extending in the late hours of the night. I can just imagine how noisy it could be; they should have installed some sound-deadening foam egg cartons or any of those acoustic absorbing materials.

    Complaints have already been sent to the neighborhood authorities but it seems the videoke house owner is an “untouchable” one with connections to some VIPs in the city. I don’t know how it is nowadays; the videoke house should lawfully be shut down as it is not allowed in a residential community.

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