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    Making your budget condo look more spacious

    By carmel | March 23, 2013

    Living in a condominium may have its advantages as most units are situated within walking distance to shops, banks, market, school, church and other community amenities. These buildings are usually equipped with 24/7 security, so the unit owners can easily leave their condos when the need for a business or leisure trip comes; no need to contact somebody to watch or stay in their place. Also, most condos are relatively affordable than single-detached residences in subdivisions.

    While there are a lot of advantages when it comes to owning a condo unit, one also needs to consider some factors such as limited space. Unless your condo unit is a luxury-type accommodation with at least three bedrooms and a lot of extra space, the problem of a cramped condo residence is not a surprise especially if you have accumulated a lot of stuff. This is where condo space planning is a must for units with limited floor area.

    Fortunately, even with limited space for condos, you can still come up with a unit that looks more spacious; the trick is to use a bit of visual illusion and careful planning at the start. The owner should discuss with the architect or interior designer about his storage preferences and which belongings are involved especially the quantity. Choose slim designs for furniture and appliances. For instance, you can have a more flexible and streamlined arrangement of your electronic equipment with a modular stereo stand that can be easily adjusted to accommodate the needed number of shelves for the DVD player, mini speakers, AVR, and other components.

    Storage spaces and cabinets should be integrated in the initial planning and decided where to be installed. Use full-length mirrors and glass panels or doors to expand a room visually. In the kitchen, it is best to have pull-out sliding compartments for storage of dishes and utensils, while appliances such as the microwave or oven toaster can be mounted on shelves to free the counter-top space.

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