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    Online furniture shopping

    By carmel | November 23, 2012

    What’s your favorite area in a department store? For me, my steps tend to go to the furniture section whenever I’m at the mall just looking around with no urgent thing to purchase. Yes, the home and living section is one of my favorite spots in a shopping centre.

    I guess I’ve got this fascination over furniture design from my Dad who’s very much into carpentry since he was a teen. He was the one who designed and made most of the furniture here at home – the round dining table, my wall cabinet with closet, the old book shelves and other useful home pieces you can think of. Big thanks to you, Dad!

    I find it interesting to see different furniture styles and designs, specifically the functionality of a certain piece whether it is an antique wooden divider, a shoe organizer or one of those wall fountains.

    Personally, going through furniture displays and showcases is a fun activity for me, but it can also be tiring especially if it is a big warehouse or store. Oftentimes, the furniture dimensions are not printed though, even some basic infos are not included. This is not good when you have design and space limitations.

    One may consider online shopping for furniture as a more convenient alternative; no more tiring walks around a huge warehouse, and most furniture websites are easy to navigate around virtually. Moving from one page to another takes just few mouse clicks and these sites are usually categorized into furniture use according to the different areas at home, such as the bedroom or the home office. Each section is also categorized into different styles. For instance, the area rugs category is broken down into more options – kids, floral, contemporary, etc. The garage storeroom section provides more choices for basic organizers and different sizes of utility cabinets.

    Shopping for furniture online offers some pros and cons though. Be sure to ask around for recommendations on which online merchants to trust. It is also a must to get all the product details particularly the material and dimensions.

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