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    Appreciating your kids’ talents

    By DGH | October 12, 2012

    Whether it is being adept in mathematics, having good memory skills, singing a tune well or brilliantly playing a musical instrument, kids will tend to excel more when their parents encourage them and sincerely appreciate their talents, abilities and interests. Kids, particularly at an early age, that are given all-out support by their parents are sure to increase their confidence in honing their skills.

    So, dear parents, don’t hesitate to buy your little genius whatever it is that stimulates their creativity and talent. Is your kid interested in playing the guitar? Why not buy him a small-sized one for him to practice on. Later when he grows up, he’ll be able to buy one of those Washburn guitars at musicians friend. Or, if your little princess loves dancing, you can enroll her in ballet classes or dance lessons. You’ll surely cheer them on as a proud parent at rehearsals and shows later on.

    This reminds me of a video clip my mom showed me long time ago, about a toddler (or baby?) who paints like a real artist. The paintings were considered by art critics as works of a genius. What the parents did was just give their child some paint and a large canvas to play on. The result? Modern artwork beautifully done by a little kid that can be proudly placed side by side with paintings from the experts. And to think that the little genius just does it for fun and play, even giggling while messing up the paints.

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