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    Shhh, doggie…

    By DGH | October 11, 2012

    One of our dogs at home tends to get impatient and whines a lot during their scheduled mealtime while waiting for food. Ugh. Who likes to hear dogs whine? It can be unbearably noisy oftentimes, breaking the quiet atmosphere of our home. Hmmm… Reminds me of the Shi Tzu pet I saw at a party; looking really disciplined and behaved. It was wearing jersey and looking really pampered by its owner. I bet it also sleeps in one of those comfy pet beds. I wonder if it has undergone some dog training by a pro?

    Anyway, I’ve learned after watching the Dog Whisperer that being cool and calm and in control helps to calm your pet as well. So… when the doggie is noisy, don’t panic or raise your voice and scold it; a firm “Shhh…” with a slight wave of the hand can soothe or calm them. Anyway, I guess our dog is whining because it just wants more attention and TLC. 🙂

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