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    Souvenirs from Ilocos

    By DGH | September 27, 2012

    “Ref magnets, t-shirts, cupful of sand, some small stones and… BRUISES – I got all of these as souvenirs from our recent trip to Ilocos!” says my big sis of her recent tour with mom in the northernmost part of Luzon province. She got the bruises on her legs as she tried to climb down from the rock formation aka kapurpurawan in Burgos. Now the bruises have turned into scars and they don’t look good as most scars do. Thankfully, she tells me she is using some cream to lessen the discoloration and dark spots from the scars.

    For those going on a hiking or climbing trip, I’d recommend wearing comfortable pants and long sleeved shirts to avoid bruises along the way. You never know when your arms or legs hit something or accidentally scrape some rough surfaces. Fortunately, there are many medicines and creams to treat bruises and scars. One can find Boiron ointments and creams to promote healing of skin. Treating bruises and minor cuts immediately with antiseptic is also recommended. It’s nice to have souvenirs from a trip; just avoid those itchy sunburns and painful bruises on your list!

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