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    Soft and cuddly

    By DGH | September 18, 2012

    My little girl loves to play house, but guess what she likes to play with instead of dolls – her stuffed toy animals! Yeah, she prefers her Minnie Mouse over a Barbie doll. She would oftentimes host a dinner party at home for her furry toy friends, with each of them seated in their own chair around a small table set with “food”. 🙂

    I know most little girls go for dolls and dressing them up, but not much with my little girl. So, I’m sure she’ll be excited to see some more plush animals here, the Blossom Bunny and Baby Panda Bear just looks so cute and cuddly, though I bet she’d also like to have the other stuffed toys there. How about your kids, do they love stuffed toy animals as well?

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    One Response to “Soft and cuddly”

    1. Soft Toy Animals Says:
      October 9th, 2012 at 9:27 pm

      Toy animals have so much more personality than dolls and action figures, the conversations are much better! 🙂


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