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    On learning the guitar

    By DGH | August 9, 2012

    Just like any other musical instrument, learning the guitar takes time. Some folks strumming and plucking the strings make it look like they didn’t encounter any difficulty in learning how to play. In reality, that’s already the result of many days of regular practice and patience. Of course, if one is truly interested, then taking guitar lessons can speed up the learning process. With an instructor prodding you to do this song and that chord plus the thought of spending for the lessons and drooling over ovation guitars guitar center stuff, how can one not be motivated enough to learn?

    Aside from the fun and challenge, there’s another definite thing that a newbie gets from playing the guitar… sore and, subsequently, callused fingers. That means, you can’t play a beautiful acoustic guitar piece unless your fingers are callused enough to press on the strings and glide smoothly along the frets.

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