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    On movie stars and self-image

    By DGH | July 31, 2012

    Grace Kelly
    Grace Kelly | Photo by twm1340

    I used to think that Hollywood stars were born with perfect faces and figures – those perfectly pointed noses, flawless skin and features, beautifully-shaped bodies. Well, I later realized some of them were just lucky with their genes while some have physically improved themselves with scientific methods.

    Of course, the fad these days for the actors and actresses is via cosmetic surgery to keep up with the signs of aging and the expectations of their adoring fans that they should always look perfect.

    So every time I see a pretty face on TV or in a movie, some of these thoughts would be running in my head:
    What a perfect nose! Did he get his nose done or was he really born with it?
    Wow, no wrinkles at 60! Hmmm… I bet she had a Chicago plastic surgery.
    Hmmmm….a perfectly flat tummy… could she possibly had a liposuction?

    Many years back, I was disappointed with one of our local singers who had his nose done; he doesn’t look cute anymore. The nose lift was so obviously done. My sis didn’t really see the difference and thought that if he’s happy with his new look, then no big deal.

    I’ve read in Zig Ziglar’s book ‘See You At The Top’ that cosmetic surgery will help enhance a person’s self-image. Okay, I agree with you Zig, but I just wish some people don’t overdo it and end up looking like a different person. Look what happened to MJ.

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