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    Does your laptop need some TLC?

    By DGH | July 31, 2012

    I know most of us work so hard on our computers and laptops every day. Too bad, we oftentimes forget to give our dear desktop companions their much-needed rest, and most importantly the proper care and maintenance. This is why some laptops don’t last more than their warranty period. Some owners overlook the importance of giving their laptops lots of TLC, i.e. careful handling, regular cleaning and technical checkups at authorized service centers.

    I used to “abuse” my laptop before, subjecting it to heavy downloading sessions while I take naps, even leaving it turned on overnight. IMO, it’s best to give your laptops some break time as some units tend to overheat when turned even for few hours especially in non-air-conditioned or poorly ventilated rooms. Now I have learned to take extra care of my laptop though. I always clean its cover, screen and keyboard before using it at the start of the day. I also turn it off when I know I’m going to be away from the room or off to have a nap.

    How do you care for your laptop or computer? Do you have it regularly checked by an authorized service center or qualified technician?

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