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    My dad’s secret

    By DGH | July 14, 2012

    As a senior citizen, with most of his friends not in good shape or some even sick, my dad remains healthy and still active. He even has no diet restrictions. I guess my dad’s secret in staying young is because he indulges himself in life’s simple pleasures, like playing the keyboards here at home. You see him so engrossed, lost in another world. Yes, that’s my dad when he’s happily doing one of his favorite hobbies – playing music!

    He didn’t have any formal training in music, he just plays by ear. One time, he even mentioned about enrolling in a piano class. LOL. Whenever we shop at malls, we’d see him stop by the music stores, looking at some keyboards and synthesizers, he’d also tell me there’s an ongoing piano or midi sale. Yes, that’s how interested he is with the keyboards.

    Too bad, we don’t have budget for a new keyboard or synth, so he’s just contented with window-shopping and wishful thinking, then eagerly play on his old keyboard when we get home. Just this afternoon, he was dishing out his favorite oldies like a pro while our visitor, a family friend, commented on how talented he is. He even gave in to her request to play “My Way.” So now you know my dad’s secret.

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