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    Angels at the flyover

    By DGH | June 2, 2012

    We were in high spirits that evening, on the road going home from the mall, with the kids still bubbly and excited as our van went up the flyover bridge. And then the unexpected happened. I felt something mechanically fell from under the vehicle, causing it to move weirdly, as Dad tried to maneuver it safely to a stop. Yes, our van broke down right in the middle of the flyover’s road, about few meters from the bridge’s highest point, but thank God we were safe.

    We really thought our van had to be towed and it would need some curt trailer hitch or similar. We called up our mechanic friend who helped fixed the mess. He actually took the broken part and brought it to a repair shop (our neighbor actually), had it welded and attached it again to the van. I am not really familiar with what was broken but it was such an experience for us. My sis, two-year old son and I even got a free ride home. What happened that evening was another proof that angels do exist in the guise of friends and strangers.

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