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    Breaktime chat

    By DGH | December 18, 2010

    Baby boy is already in bed while her big sis is watching Donald Duck with her dad. This gives me time to finish my deadline! I have lots of assignments to do, but when night time hits, my brain works sluggishly. To break the humdrumness of my work and the temptation to sleep, I chat with my friend in YM time to time.

    She was sharing with me her tips on how to achieve that hour glass figure without necessarily going on a diet. How? Use a corset! According to her, during the Victorian times, women wore corsets as under garments to create smaller waistline. Fast forward to modern times, we women would use girdles or Spanx for that purpose. I can’t imagine myself wearing corset, I think I’d faint from having it too tight around my waist!  Geez!

    Anyway, that interesting topic sure took the boredom out. Now, I am ready to tackle work again!

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